Should I Have My Parent Move in with Me?

A question we receive all the time: “Should I have my parent move in with me or should they stay in their own home.”

Should I Have My Parent Move in with Me?

A parent moving in with you is a huge step. Here are a few things to consider before deciding.

Relationship: Have you argued a lot with this parent in the past? Does your parent get along well with your husband and children? By taking in your parent you may have less time to spend with your own children - seeing if you can afford the cost of a nanny can help you make your decision. Do you feel it will be a strain our the relationship of the entire family? A parent moving in to your home should cause you both a bit of relief but not add stress to your lives. It is essential to remember that this family member is likely going to need more and more assistance over time.

Safety: Moving a parent from their home that they are comfortable with to a home that they have not lived in can cause them lots of stress. Before considering moving a parent to your home, walk around your home and determine if it is safe for them. Do you have a lot of stairs? Is the bathroom senior friendly?

Financial: A parent moving in with you is likely going to affect your expenses, albeit, likely less so than any type of seniors home. Will you need to manage these items: possible renovations to your home for home care, possibly them to appointments, to pharmacies, shopping, and social engagements, and are there special diets to consider. Determining this in advance can help you budget or open the door to discussing sharing the costs with other family members. You will be utilizing a part of your home for care. In some cases, you can expense some of these costs and even your care giving time. For more information please contact our tax and payroll team at Heart Payroll.

Relief: No one should be expected care for one person 24/7. Whether it is for going away on a holiday, or just out for a few hours, it is important that you receive help if you are caring for your parent. Respite care should be considered before a parent moves into your home.