Home Care Worker - Duties and Cost.

Many seniors and special needs adults want to stay in their own home. For the family, this can have many benefits. Home care is usually done by a caregiver or a home care aide. These individuals usually have experience with caregiving, but are considered “non-clinical”.

When to hire a health care aide?

  • When your family member needs help with everyday activities like simple grooming, cooking, and light housekeeping.
  • When you feel that your family member is alone and socially isolated and would benefit from having a companion to speak with and do activities in the community.
  • When your family member is no longer able to drive themselves to appointments or social events.

How much would adult home care cost me?

When a home care aid is non-medical the costs are much less, than if the care has medical requirements. Often costs are determined by the area that you live in, the hours that are required, and the needs of the person being cared for. The hourly range starts at $11, and can be as high as $20. This is actually a fair bit lower than the average cost of a housekeeper, which ranges from $20 to $40 an hour. Asking the norm in your area is always recommended. Most of the time, senior home care is paid privately by the family, but some insurance companies assist with the cost as well.

What services does a home care worker provide?

  • Meal planning and assistance with cooking
  • Light housekeeping (usually not deep cleaning)
  • Assistance paying bills
  • Connecting to family members, both personally and through social media
  • Administering medications and supplements
  • Transportation to appointments and social events
  • Help with dressing, grooming, and sometimes bathing
Before hiring a home care aide, prepare a job description. Remember that your family member’s health is likely going to get worse, rather than better. Complete a contract in advance with all needed duties and hours to ensure everything is agreed to.