20 Interview Questions for an Adult Caregiver

Finding a Caregiver for an adult is a big step. It is important that your family completes an interview, and fully screens the candidate. Here are important questions to ask a potential adult caregiver.

20 Interview Questions for an Adult Caregiver
  1. General: What is a potential start date should you be the candidate chosen? How did you hear about this job?
  2. Experience: What was your last employment? How long did you work there? Why did you leave that job?
  3. Driving: Do you have driver’s license and a car? Are you willing to drive my family member to community events or appointments?
  4. Pets: Are you comfortable around a cat or a dog? Are you willing to walk or care for a pet?
  5. Hours: What hours and days are you available to work? Do you have any flexibility if we need you longer in the day?
  6. Training: What is your educational background? Do you have your first Aid and CPR? Are you willing to obtain additional training for this job?
  7. Vacation: Do you have any long vacations planned in the future?
  8. Interest: Why are you interested in caring for Adults? Have you cared for an adult in the past? Do you see yourself doing this type of work long term?
  9. Job Description: Present the daily duties to the Caregiver. Ask them if there is anything listed that they do not feel comfortable with.
  10. Wage: Present them with the wage and ask if that is acceptable.
  11. Cooking: What type of meals do they like to cook? Are they willing to prepare foods that the parent likes?
  12. Communication: How would you prefer to communicate about my parent’s progress? Email? Phone?
  13. Do you have any difficulty bending, lifting, or walking?
  14. Have you ever had a situation with a difficult adult, that you have had to deal with? Can you please describe it, and how you handled it? For example, where they have refused to do what you are asking?
  15. How would you handle it, if my parent fell?
  16. What are some things that you would put in place, to ensure the home was safe for my parent?
  17. What are some activities you would do with my family member to ensure that they are stimulated during the day?
  18. Do you smoke?
  19. Background: Are you willing do a background check? Do you have 3 references related to care you can provide for this job?
  20. Closing: How interested are you in the job? Do you have questions for me?

If you are interested in the caregiver it is always recommended to do a trial day before hiring them. You should also consider the exact qualifications required - for example, hiring a high quality housekeeper may be sufficient.

Not sure what questions to ask in your interview?